We all want to feel safe, comfortable, and secure inside our home. Therefore, when hard coat stucco, building a new one, upgrading your office, or enhancing your house, you want it to look its best while providing a safe environment for your loved ones. hard coat stucco is the easiest way to entirely change the look of your home or business without having to change the overall structure, adding extra layers of protection and boosting its curb appeal. hard coat stucco is extremely flexible and versatile, available in a variety of colors and textures. At Rhino Stucco, we are experts in hard coat stucco and its endless applications, providing our customers the best hard coat stucco services to make their dream come true

How to remove old plaster

For most homeowners in Thornton, removing the old plaster from their walls is the hard coat stucco first step and many ignore that it can also be the most important one. Failing to remover old plaster correctly could end up damaging the entire structure and ruining the whole hard coat stucco project. After a long period, old plaster can easily bond very tightly with the material beneath it. If you are not careful enough, you can easily rip out chunks of wall, regardless of whether it is made of brick or cement.

Even though we are able to see hard coat stucco all over Thornton homes, this doesn’t mean it is easy to install. It is recommended to hire a hard coat stucco specialist to help you with the hard coat stucco project. Nonetheless, if you insist on doing it yourself, here are some helpful tips we put together at Rhino Stucco.

First, you need to determine the type of material underneath the old plaster. Look for a corner and chip away with a chisel and a rubber mallet. As you discover what material it is attached to, you will also get an idea of how hard is it going to be to come off. If it seems to be bound to the wall, then take your time and chip the entire wall with the chisel.

For uncommon materials or fragile walls that are crumbling down, is better not going any further until you get an expert's advice. Otherwise, you could end up wasting even more money than hiring a professional hard coat stucco in the first place. 

Get ready to face the harsh weather while boosting the beauty and elegance of your home with hard coat stucco. Rhino Stucco provides decades of expertise and the best hard coat stucco solutions for your hard coat stucco needs. Whether you're looking for an attractive and cost-effective method of finishing the exterior of your new construction project or are interested in remodeling your existing structure, Rhino Stucco is the best option.

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